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Digital Marketing Service - WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp A new Way of Mobile Marketing ! WA Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app with the 900 Million plus users worldwide. WhatsApp available for the different mobile platforms i,e Android,iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Nokia. For sending the messages through Whatsapp required the Internet plan which is used by you for Emails & Browsing Internet , this makes this application the cheapest way of sending the messages worldwide.

WhatsApp also attracting the marketers as they can not only send the text but also the Image,Video,Audio,Vcards even one can send his/her location which makes the WA Messenger different from the traditional SMS. WA Supports Multiple Formats !
  • »  AUDIO
  • »  VIDEO
  • »  TEXT
  • »  IMAGES
  • »  VCARD
  • »  PDF
WA Message Broadcasting : The Next Big Thing The 900 million strong and growing WhatsApp user base has attracted marketers to connect their audience who are using this platform. With WA, (The most powerful feature-rich messaging app) marketers would be able to contact their audience with rich media campaigns. Stop waiting. It's time to create maximum audience outreach using text messages, audio clips, video clips and vCards. No word limits, no DND restrictions, just compose message and BROADCAST to a list of audience. In today's Digital World, Marketing is directly proportional to the adoption of new technology by the masses. In the year 2009, Brian Acton and Jan Koum came with their household messaging application "WhatsApp"- Which now incorporates more than 1.2 Billion Monthly users and has become essential for the masses to fulfill their regular messaging needs.  Seeing such a wide target base, businesses are realizing the power of WhatsApp Marketing and they are looking for professionals who can design and execute result-driven WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategies. This blog will help you do that just in five steps-

2 Steps to Design WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategies

1. Know what WhatsApp Marketing is & Why Businesses Need It To understand what WhatsApp Marketing Campaign is, the first thing you need to comprehend what WhatsApp is, how it works and what its powers are. Simply describing then WhatsApp is a free mobile app that utilizes the internet connection of your phone and allows you to chat, call and video call with other WhatsApp users, without any SMS or calling charges. It also allows you to share files and images as per your need and convenience. The reason why businesses should incorporate WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategy in their marketing campaigns is its power, interactive nature, great convenience, personal touch and effective applicability. Just pay a heed to below-given stats- WhatsApp is the most popular alternative to SMS in 109 countries which is around 60 % of the world Every single day, around 50+ billion messages are sent via WhatsApp Like Social Media Channels, WhatsApp too has become ubiquitous as a top-ranked messaging APP. It is the most sought-after messaging application in the world and such a great acceptance is the reason why businesses need to run WhatsApp Marketing Campaign.

Why Businesses need WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns Strategies
  • »  The best reason to include WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategy for business is, the great number of their customers would already be using it whom they can target and convert via WhatsApp marketing
  • »  As per the Nielsen's Facebook Messaging Survey, more than 67 percent of mobile users prefer using chat for communicating with businesses and around 53 percent of respondents say that they will prefer shopping with a business they can message directly
  • »  If you wish to target young prospects then WhatsApp is going to be your best resort because 42 percent of Smartphone owners between 18 and 29 years old prefer messaging via WhatsApp than 19 % of Smartphone owners who are 50 or 50+
  • »  WhatsApp Marketing Campaign also ensures great engagement rates, as more than 95% of mobile messages are opened and read
  • »  Around 90 % of WhatsApp Messages are opened within three seconds of being received
  • »  WhatsApp is also one of the most preferred marketing channels to share content via Dark Social means in which marketers share content via private channels

2. Know the Available Ways to use WhatsApp Marketing Campaign To run WhatsApp Marketing Campaign, you can find different versions of WhatsApp for iPhones, Android Phones, and Windows phone. Web App and Desktop versions of WhatsApp is also available for you but first, having it installed on your mobile phone is must, as every WhatsApp account has to tied directly to a single phone number. After downloading and installing WhatsApp, you should provide the details regarding country and enter your telephone number. Importing your Facebook information is also available to set up your profile, or you can manually add an image, your profile name and activate your WhatsApp account.
  • »  For marketing or for general, WhatsApp goes through your contact lists and displays you an up-to-date directory of WhatsApp users who you already know
  • »  Anyone who is having your phone number saved in their phone's address book will also recognize that you have come on WhatsApp excepting you have not done any specific security and privacy settings provided by WhatsApp
Now, we have come to the main thing for which we delve into this section i.e. the available ways to use WhatsApp Marketing Campaign, so let us peep into those- One-to-one chat
  • »  It this way, you can directly chat with other users who are on your phone contact list, in a similar way as any chat program would work
  • »  This way of using WhatsApp also allows you to call or video call to your prospects or send some recorded audio snippets to them
Broadcast Lists
  • »  Via broadcast lists in WhatsApp Marketing Campaign, you can send a message to anyone in your contact list who has your number saved in the address book of their phones
  • »  This is similar to the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) in emails and your contacts will see a broadcast message in similar way as they see a normal message
  • »  Contacts' reply to a Broadcast message appears as a normal one-to-one message. You can send a broadcast messages simultaneously to 256 contacts
  • »  Groups in WhatsApp Marketing lets you make a group of maximum 256 people and you can share message, videos, and photos to all of them at once
  • »  In Groups, every member can chime in and can also see the responses of everyone else
The first thing to run a WhatsApp Marketing Campaign is knowing the right way to use it. The inevitable to connect to targets on WhatsApp is, your prospects should save your contact numbers. Bombarding messages to customers can lead you to "BLOCKED FOR LIFETIME" and no marketer would ever like to face such scenarios. WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns is similar to Email Campaign in which you need to take consent to contact via email from the users to run it successfully.

"Focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged adding to healthier open rates and ROI."
Karl Murray

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