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Features of Bulk Email Marketing
Manage Subscribers

Unlimited Subscriber Campaigns Collecting,managing and segmenting your subscribers is a snap with Buddy mail. Track Subscriber Activity With Ease Get the stats that matter in an easy-to-read layout.

Follow up Autoresponder
Immediately Engage Subscribers New subscribers require special attention. They're eager to hear from you, but they don't know your company as well as established subscribers do. Build profitable relationships with them using.

Email Newsletters
Buddy Mail is not just an email marketing service but an actual solution for all you newsletter needs for your subscribers. Buddy Infotech Mail follow & have understanding of the fair mailing practices and its management.

Campaigns Analytics
Analytics report is automatically generated for each of the campaigns, or newsletters, you send using Buddy Infotech mail. The report tells you about open rate, click rates bounces, etc

Email Deliverability
Best Email Deliverability We hate to brag... wait, no we don't. Get more messages delivered with us. Keep spammers out. Authenticate all email campaigns using SPF and DomainKeys.

Database Connectivity
One of Buddy mail's unique features is the ability to connect to a variety of database platforms in real-time. Buddy mail's can either "talk" to your database and pull out information as necessary to send out a mass email or if you are a programmer.

Spam Reporting by FBL
In you statistics, you also get how many subscribers are report spam you email campaign. By FBL we get list of users that report spam your campaign from AOL, Yahoo, OpenSRS etc.

Reputation Management tool
Buddy mail also provide you your reputation on internet, BIPL will give you points and according to this we will give you reputation bar before 90% of reputation you get inbox delivery.

Email Testing Tools
Before sending emails you can preview your campaigns, send tests, preview how it will look in the various email clients, and more!

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